Why It’s Important for a Kitchen & Appliance Inspection

kitchen appliances inspection

Home inspections in general are extremely important for the health and safety of you and your family. There are several housing appliances that can cause problems to your home if not inspected and taken care of properly. Center Grove Real Estate Inspections has you covered with all of your home inspections needs. Many people don’t… Read more »

Septic Inspections Are Extremely Important for Your Home

Septic Tank inspections

Septic systems are underground wastewater treatment systems used in residential areas without any centralized sewer systems. Many homes without a sewer system have to have a septic system in order to get rid of waste from your home. A septic system inspection is also recommended to have done to make sure it is in working… Read more »

Waiving a Home Inspection Is Never Worth the Risk

We get it—buying a home is an expensive and time-consuming process. However, if you’re thinking about waiving a home inspection to save money, don’t do it—it’s never worth the risk. Here’s why: You might be about to purchase a money pit. The current owner may not always disclose important issues, such as foundation problems, malfunctioning… Read more »

Crawl Space Encapsulation Can Help Control Moisture Issues

You may not give much thought to your crawl space from day to day, but neglecting moisture issues in this space can have a serious impact on the air quality in your home. Did you know that roughly 50% of the air in a household can flow up from a crawl space? Fortunately, crawl space… Read more »

Keep an Eye out for These Signs of Shoddy Drywall Work

Properly-installed drywall can make your home look picture-perfect, but second-rate drywall work can have quite the opposite effect. If you’re shopping around for a drywall contractor in your area, here are a few signs of shoddy drywall work to look out for. Visible Joints When drywall is properly installed, you shouldn’t be able to tell… Read more »