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A Buyer’s Guide to Gutters & Downspouts [Infographic]

Interested in upgrading the old gutters and downspouts on your home? A modern gutter system can help protect your home by diverting rainwater safely away from its foundation and siding. If bent gutter sections and missing downspouts are allowing water to pool around your home’s foundation, now is a great time to consider replacement options.

These days, homeowners have more gutter options than ever before, each of which has its own unique advantages and drawbacks. From heavy-duty steel to classic copper, you can find gutters and downspouts in a variety of materials and configurations.

If you’ve been struggling to make sense of your gutter replacement options, we have some good news for you! Our friends over at Aerotech Gutter Service have put together a handy infographic to make the gutter-buying process a little easier. Check out their Buyer’s Guide to Gutters and Downspouts below!


A Buyer’s Guide To Gutters & Downspouts was created by Aerotech Gutter Service


How Long Can You Expect a Roof to Last?

You depend on your roof all year round to keep you dry from rain, warm during cooler weather, and safe from whatever else Mother Nature might throw your way. Fortunately, for our safety and peace of mind, roofs are made to last a long time – though some last longer than others. How long should… Continue Reading