General Interior Inspection Services in Indiana

(Reference for this publication comes from the “Uniform Building Inspection Report”)

Center Grove Real Estate Inspections, LLC. offers a variety of services including general interior inspection services in Indiana. Details on the components that you should be prepared for inspection on are available below.

Indiana Inspection of Ceilings & Walls

Frequent materials used for ceilings & walls:

  • Drywall coated with a taping and texture compound
    • Can be painted, covered with wall paper, paneling or masonry
    • Some issues noted by inspector include discoloration, stains & damage
  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Stone

These materials will be inspected for general condition and proper installation.

A common issue within some interior walls and ceilings are settlement cracks, not usually a cause for concern. If the inspector suspects these cracks will be an issue, this will be noted. Most interior walls and ceilings have building standard codes that require specific fire rated drywall to be installed, our Indiana inspector will confirm adequate installation. Most often, fire walls (using fire resistant materials) are installed in the garage, the dwelling and at times, the attic access areas. Our experienced inspectors will review these fire walls for adequate installation.

Trim board Inspection Services

Base boards typically do not affect the condition of the structure so if they are missing, it’s not usually a concern. If our inspector notices poor condition that is deemed as a possible problem or an abnormal number of base boards are missing or damaged, this will be noted. Although base boards are most often decorative, they also serve to protect the wall from air, insects and moisture when you’re cleaning the floor.

Inspection of Indoor Flooring in Indiana

General Interior Inspection Services

Floors on the interior are inspected for condition of materials used to cover them. Cracks or other damage to the flooring materials will be noted and if the condition is poor, our inspector may recommend having the floor and sub-floor reviewed by a professional contractor.


One of the major concerns of Center Grove Real Estate Inspections, LLC is whether the floor is level or not. Our home and building inspector will review the floor to see if it is even, sloped or solid. Floors that have creaks or an up and down movement can have underlying issues, so the inspector will perform a visual inspection of the interior floors and the under-structure (if the foundation is raised). If the home sits on a slab, our inspector will review the condition of the floors, dependent on the quality of your concrete slab. This can only be reviewed if there are no floor coverings.

Interior Inspection of Windows

Along with the building exterior inspection, the general interior inspection services in Indiana include your windows. Our inspectors will be reviewing:

  • General condition of mechanisms for opening windows (open, lock & safety)
  • Installation, to determine sufficiency of escape / rescue
  • Security bars (if present), these should include a quick release. If missing, you will need to have one installed for safety
  • Leakage (accumulation of condensation is a sign of leaks)
  • Weather stripping
  • Glazing
  • Caulking maintenance
  • Functional window trim, for adequate installation and maintenance
  • Decorative window trim although cosmetic, will be noted if it is in poor condition

Some of these conditions have underlying causes and our home and building inspector will determine if they are issues and can make the appropriate recommendations.

Inspection of Interior & Exterior Doors in Indiana

Interior and Exterior doors, along with their individual components are also reviewed by our inspectors for maintenance and general condition. This includes mechanisms for opening, closing and locking (from the inside and outside), weather stripping, door jambs, thresholds and more for efficiency and proper installation. Sliding doors, pocket doors and bi-fold doors have their own set of unique components, all of which will be inspected.

Home or Building Closet Inspection Services

The condition of all closet doors, rods and shelves, walls, ceiling and flooring will be inspected for installation and general condition. In some cases, the access to your closet may be impaired and our inspector will have to report that a visual inspection could not be made.

Inspection of Home or Building Stairways in Indiana

The experienced inspectors from Center Grove Real Estate Inspections, LLC will review all components of your stairways. The condition of all steps, railings and floor coverings will be inspected, and other safety hazards will be reviewed including loose steps and tread condition. The size of the landing, riser height, doors or entrances near the top of the stairs will also be inspected.

Other Interior Components Reviewed During General Inspection Services

There are a variety of building standards for room ventilation and natural light required for interior rooms, if these do not meet the requirements, our inspector will inform you that an exhaust fan Is needed. We also inspect the following for installation, condition and general maintenance:

  • Alarms (fire & entry)
  • Carbon monoxide alarms
  • Fire sprinklers
  • Central vacuum systems
  • Ceiling fans
  • Cabinets
  • Wet bars

Contact Center Grove Real Estate Inspections, LLC today for details on our general interior inspection services in Indiana!