Inspection of Heating & Air Conditioning Units in Indiana

(Reference for this publication comes from the “Uniform Building Inspection Report”)

Heating & air conditioning components are major health and safety concerns and are expected to be a major portion of your home inspection. At Center Grove Real Estate Inspections, LLC. we have professional home inspectors in Indiana who are extremely knowledgeable on the components of heating and a/c units and know what to look for when performing an inspection.

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Indiana Heating & Air Conditioning Unit Inspection Details

You can expect the units to be reviewed for proper system installation, design specifications and condition of the parts. Our Indiana inspector will attempt to test output from the units, providing the ambient temperature allows him to. If the outside temperature is below 60 degrees, the inspector will not be able to test the air conditioning output as it could damage the unit. For the heat pump, testing of the heating system cannot be done if the outside temperature is over 75 degrees, again to prevent damage to the unit. Other components can be tested in most cases and often, the operation of your thermostat will provide indication of whether the heating and/or a/c unit is operable or not.

Components Reviewed in Heating & A/C Inspections


    • Wall or floor furnace components will also be tested for proper installation & design specifications, as well as condition, venting and operability. Pilot and safety shut-off valves will be examined closely for proper operation.


    • Evaporative coolers are inspected for rusted or damaged components, as well as general maintenance items. If the cooler needs cleaning, new pads or other maintenance, our inspectors will note those items.


    • Whole house fan installations are reviewed for fan operation – unusual noises or other operational defects will be noted.


    • Duct work for heating and air components are reviewed by the inspector to determine if there is any damage to the support joints which can be cause by general use over time. This is due to heating and cooling expansion and contraction, sometimes even animal entry and can affect the efficiency of any unit.


    • Electrical components and wiring for heating and a/c units are reviewed very carefully for loose or frayed wires either on the inside or outside and if connection boxes are improper, both will be noted if they are safety and health issues. Our inspector will also be reviewing the units for proper wiring sizes and correct fuses.


    • Gas fired units are inspected for odors from the gas piping and plumbing components, if the condition exposes abnormalities or requires maintenance, the inspector will be noted.


  • If applicable, you may need to have your Gas or LPG supplier perform a gas safety check before acquiring the property. Suppliers may use inspection methods that general home inspection companies are not allowed to use.

From the “Uniform Building Inspection Report”:

Please note: LPG and fuel oil tanks are installed under strict guidelines according to the rules and regulations of the area in which the property resides. Although the inspector can advise you on whether or not fuel tanks are properly supported, damaged, or leaking, the inspector cannot determine whether the tanks are installed to code. It is advised that your supply dealer be contacted for a safety check and assistance with the condition and maintenance of your tanks, lines, and gauges prior to using it for the first time.

Free standing fireplaces, wood or pellet stoves, and fireplaces will be reviewed for condition and placement from combustibles. The condition of the fire chamber and chimney components will be closely reviewed. The hearth, mantle and other components will also be reviewed. If you have a gas burning fireplace, the inspector will be reviewing it much the same as any other gas appliance in that he will be checking the ignition system, the gas plumbing condition, and the operability and safety components.

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