About Center Grove Real Estate Inspections

Jim Schwarz - Owner of Center Grove Real Estate InspectionsCenter Grove Real Estate Inspections LLC was formed in May 2006 by Jim and Rose Schwarz. They are the principal members and also active participants in the Greenwood Chamber of Commerce.

Jim is a licensed real estate inspector in the state of Indiana and has completed all of the required training and licensing guidelines. Jim has served in quality assurance and other top management roles in major food manufacturing operations for more than 25 years, and he fully understands the aspects of examining every detail of a home or business property and providing technical service to his clients in Indianapolis and the surrounding region. He also understands the business management aspect of promoting good working relationships.

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Home & Building Inspection Services in Indianapolis, IN

The LLC was formed using the guidance of legal counsel a decade ago when Jim and Rose began performing inspections. Having relocated several times throughout their lives, Jim and Rose have done extensive remodeling and building projects on their own properties and understand the need to be thorough with a home inspection to identify any potential problems in your Indianapolis area home. Jim has benefited from the guidance of premier contractors during these projects which helped him to sharpen his sense of construction details. Combined together, his skills make real estate inspections a perfect match.

The role of a professional real estate inspector is to be an expert at the study of building science.  An inspector should be able to effectively communicate how the components of a building are installed and how they are performing. An inspector should be able to understand and communicate moisture management, air movement, energy movement and other physical aspects of building science to the client, and any client of Center Grove Real Estate Inspections LLC should expect discussion on each of these areas of study. An inspection is a real education and an examination process that enables the client to make informed decisions related to their current or prospective property in the Indianapolis region.

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