Electrical Inspection for Home & Building in Indiana

(Reference for this publication comes from the “Uniform Building Inspection Report”)

During a home or building inspection in Indiana, Center Grove Real Estate Inspections, LLC will focus on each individual component of the structure to cover all necessary points. One of the main areas of focus is the electrical system, also considered the nerve center of any home or building. For health and safety reasons, our inspectors will be paying particular attention to the electrical components running your home as electrical issues could lead to fires or permanent damage to your house.

Electrical Inspection Details for Indiana Homes & BuildingsElectrical Inspection

Incoming electrical services will be reviewed to determine the condition and location of the service drop from public utility to the dwelling. Noting the security of the wires and the environment where they are located is important when making your inspection appointment. If the service drop passes through trees, is too close to the ground or other buildings and whether it is properly secured or not are all factors that should be noted ahead of time, so our inspectors can be prepared or request further action to correct the situation before the inspection is performed.

Inspection of the main and sub-panels include proper installation, fuses, connections, breaker switches and grounds. Our inspectors will note any labeling of those panels. If your main and sub-panel box show signs of corrosion, damage or missing parts, our Center Grove Inspector will make recommendations to fix the situation. Disconnected or loose wires in the panel will also be noted.

Additional Electrical Components Inspected


    • Visible circuit wiring, junction boxes and conduits will also be reviewed throughout the house / building and in the attic and / or sub-flooring. Our Indiana inspector will look for missing cover plates on junction boxes, loose wires, damaged components, exposed wires, improper installation and any other critical components.


    • Lighting, receptacle outlets and switches will also be a part of the home or building electrical inspection in Indiana, reviewing for operability, condition, installation and maintenance. There are standard building codes that specify the placement of switches and plugs at specific intervals in a room. The placement of these switches and plugs will also be part of your home or building inspection.


    • System grounding and ground fault circuit interrupt devices (GFCI) are also closely inspections, especially the installation and testing of GFCI protection devices and outlets.

Please note: Turning the electricity off at the meter or service panel is a critical step when preparing to make repairs on your electrical system. Repairs to your electrical system should always be done by a professional for health and safety. Some portions of an electrical panel or circuitry will remain electrified even when the power is off and can be deadly if contacted.

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