Structure & Foundation Inspection Services in Indiana

(Reference for this publication comes from the “Uniform Building Inspection Report”)

For inspection services done by thorough, experience and professional inspectors in Indiana, Center Grove Real Estate Inspections, LLC is just a call away. Below are some expectations for the inspection of your structure and foundation in Indiana.

Raised Foundation Inspection Services

The inspection of raised foundations generally requires an additional fee as our inspector will need to “crawl” under the home to inspect the building’s sub-structure. Center Grove’s inspectors will be reviewing the installation and condition of all structural components including framing members visible from the sub-area (such as the foundation “cripple wall”). Other components inspected include earth to wood contact, water stains, sign damages, plumbing and electrical that are visible from this vantage point.

Inspection Services for Slab Foundations in Indiana

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Condition of the visible areas is our main inspection point for slab foundation inspection. Primarily, our inspector will be checking for uneven surfaces, sloped or slanting areas, the presence of efflorescence and cracks. Efflorescence is known as a white colored substance appearing on the surface when water penetrates through concrete or masonry materials. Portions of the slab foundation will not be able to be reviewed by our inspectors, as components such as flooring materials, furnishing and other materials will be covering parts of the slab, obstructing the view of your entire foundation.

Basement, Visible Framing of the Walls, Ceilings & Roofs

Structures with basements are inspected similarly to raised foundation inspections, plus the operability of pumping devices such as sump-pumps. Visible building framing members of your walls, ceilings and roofs are also subject to inspection. By doing a “crawl” of the attic, our inspector can determine the condition and installation of rafters, joists, beams and other frame members visible from here. Our inspector will note any water stains, past or present, as well as any signs of damage in the attic structure, along with the condition of wiring and plumbing visible in the attic.

Sub-Area and Attic Inspection Services in Indiana

Ventilation is most definitely required in the sub-areas and attics of your home. Our expert inspector will be determining the condition, adequacy and maintenance of the ventilation components, along with noting the presence of any debris. Attic and sub-area installation are also noted for presence, rating, positioning and installation.

Inspection will also include porches, decking, carports, patio covers and stairways for framing, support installation, condition, maintenance and safety. If our inspector finds major structural issues in the overall foundation / structure inspection, he will recommend that you hire a qualified, licensed general contractor to review the condition. Contact Center Grove Real Estate Inspections, LLC today for details!