After Home Inspection Tips from Center Grove Real Estate Inspections

After Service Considerations

Nearly all interior and exterior elements inspected have a Home Inspections in Indianalong-lasting effect on homes’ condition and value as they age. Many of the damages and hazards uncovered in various areas of the home during a home inspection with Center Grove Real Estate Inspections in Indianapolis can have serious health consequences and injurious effects on your property’s value if not addressed. Other problems may result later or occur following severe weather damage, which is why we provide ongoing maintenance tips and updates to keep your home in top condition.

As an experienced inspector and quality assurance officer, Jim Schwarz always ensures his clients have access to the most accurate information and services to maintain their property. There are many issues, like mold, pest infestations, leaks or weakening foundations, that can occur slowly and almost invisibly over time. These problems may only appear when the damage produces a health or structural hazard.  After viewing many of these items, Jim works with each client to provide information on what to look for and proactive measures that can reduce the risks to your Indianapolis area home.

Take a look at a few of the after-service areas below to continue inspecting your home beyond your inspection appointment with Center Grove Real Estate Inspections. To schedule an appointment with a professional building inspector and have your home or business in Indianapolis or the surrounding Indiana area inspected, contact us today.

Moisture IntrusionAfter Home Inspection Tips - Roof Care

Areas such as roofs, siding, flashing or leaking components are reviewed for moisture and leaks.

Crawlspace Inspection

Checking for adequate ventilation, moisture conditions, leaking pipes/ducting.

Roof Inspection

Recent storms, overall roof conditions and maintenance concerns are reviewed with each client.

Construction Verification

Recent updates to property or any concerns with the overall quality of contractor work can be discussed.

Drainage Review

We determine the overall drainage profile of the property and how it relates to the safety and habitability of buildings.

Pre-purchase Review of Property

Used by certain individuals or investment companies to determine the basic overall condition of a structure prior to purchase process.

New Home Warranty Inspections

If you are nearing the end of your first year of ownership on a new home, we can provide a complete home inspection to help you determine if there are any issues that need to be addressed by your builder prior to your new home warranty expiration period. This can assist you in making sure there aren’t any deficiencies or flaws that may have been overlooked prior to the expiration of your new home warranty. Please call us for scheduling and pricing.