Infrared Thermography Qualitative & Quantitative Data

During Industrial Thermography inspections, qualitative and quantitative data will be gathered for problem solving in the building, plant, etc.

For more information on the different qualitative and quantitative data collected, please read below:


Qualitative information, derived from infrared images, is done when reviewing for general information. This work is done, generally, in building inspection applications where imaging is captured to determine moisture intrusion, air intrusion, energy loss, insulation deficiencies, and even pest entry. I was once asked to find a raccoon in the wall of a building by a pest control company. These photos are examples of this application.


Quantitative information is used in industrial applications to determine a baseline performance and ongoing performance of the conditions listed on the bottom of the industrial thermography services’ page. Organizations involved in manufacturing, supply chain warehousing, utility companies, State owned facilities, apartments, etc. are using infrared imaging to determine the performance of components for planned maintenance and downtime. This preventive information is vital to good decision making in operations and budgeting.

FLIR Video & Info Sources

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