Grounds Inspection Services in Indiana

(Reference for this publication comes from the “Uniform Building Inspection Report”)

It’s important to know what areas of your home may be inspected before calling a professional company for grounds inspection services in Indiana. Center Grove Real Estate Inspections, LLC. offers grounds inspection services and would like to provide you with a rough outline as to what you should expect to be reviewed.

Grounds Inspection Components

Our inspectors will look at the condition and maintenance of several components when inspecting the grounds of your building. As far as the condition of the building site itself, we will be looking at:

  • The grade of the land or concrete in relation to the building
  • Erosion potential
  • Drainage near the building
  • Retaining wall components
  • Yard drains
  • Rain gutter downspouts
  • General landscaping placement near the building

Addition Components Included in Our Grounds Inspection Services in Indiana

Condition & maintenance of decking, walks, driveways, parking areas and planters are also inspected as we are searching for anything that could be a trip or safety hazard. We also inspect fencing & gate conditions and maintenance including wood, stucco, metal, concrete & masonry.

New Home Inspection Company in INLandscaping Components that may be inspected but not considered as a major part of your grounds inspection in Indiana include:

  • Sprinkler systems
  • Low voltage electrical components

Our inspectors will turn these units on, but cannot determine necessarily what the cause may be for it to not work. Issues could be a result of timer settings, condition of underground installation or condition of electric valve controls. For above ground installation, exposure to the weather and normal outdoors exposure is typical. Damage is expected and usually repairable by the homeowner or a handyman.

Line voltage components are also inspected for condition & maintenance. This includes:

  • Yard lights
  • Post lights
  • GFCI protection for exterior outlets

Any exterior high voltage electrical units are critical components of the IN grounds inspection services as health and safety issues are the most important reason for the inspection.

Inspection Services That Require Extra Fees

Some of the grounds inspection services may require additional fees, this could include:

  • Barn or animal enclosures
  • Shed
  • Outbuildings such as a guest house or “mother-in-law” cottage

Fees are dependent on the square footage of these extra dwellings, fall under the same scrutiny as the main dwelling and should be mentioned ahead of time.

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