Home Inspection Costs in Greenwood IN & Surrounding Areas

We are industry professionals and strive to maintain competitive pricing.
All home inspections include a termite inspection report.

Home Inspections Costs around Greenwood INResidential Home Inspection Pricing:

  •  Up to 2500 SF  – $425
  • 2500 – 3000 SF  – $450
  • 3000 – 3500 SF  – $475
  • 3500 – 4200 SF –  $500
  • Over 4200 SF   –  $.12/SF
  • Re-inspection  –  $150

Radon Testing & Termite Inspection Pricing

  • Radon Testing         –   $150
  • Termite Inspection  –   $125

Mold Testing & Inspections

  • Visual Mold Inspection  –  $200.00
  • Each Add. Test Sample  –  $80.00 (minimum 2 samples)

Well Water or Septic Tank Certification Pricing:

  • Well & Septic Certification – $150.00. (Includes Water Test for Bacteria, Lead, Nitrates & Nitrites)
  • Well Disinfection and Sample Verification – $150 (minimum 1 sample)

Commercial Inspection Pricing

  • Available Upon Request

New Construction Pricing:

  • New Home Construction – $500.00 (Includes the foundation, pre-drywall and final inspections)
  • Single inspections for this process will be lesser priced.

New Home Warranty Inspections:

If you are nearing the end of your first year of ownership on a new home we can provide a complete home inspection to help you determine if there are any issues that need to be addressed by your builder prior to your new home warranty expiration period. This will assist you in making sure there aren’t any issues that may be overlooked prior to the expiration of your new home warranty. Please call us for scheduling and pricing.



*Payment for service is required at the time of the inspection. 

*Pricing is subject to change at any time without prior notification.


House Inspections Costs around Greenwood IN