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How to Keep Moisture Out During the Colder Months

How to Keep Moisture Out During the Colder Months

The winter is a tricky time, especially for moisture in your home. Moisture can build up in your home for several different reasons. We may like to hang dry our clothes during the warmer months outside, but in the colder months, we’d rather hang them in the house. This can cause dampness and moisture in the home.

Your windows can also gather moisture, which then can cause mold and mildew around the windowsills. This will cause poor indoor air quality, which can result to other issues including health problems.

moisture build-up on windowsillReducing Moisture

Reducing moisture can be done by many ways. When you’re at home cooking a delicious meal, make sure to crack a window to let the air flow through. Use lids on your pots and pans and use the stove fan above to keep the kitchen well ventilated.

When showering or bathing, keep the window cracked as well in the bathroom. This will allow the steam to escape and not build up moisture in the bathroom that can eventually leak into other rooms of the home. Keep the door closed and turn the shower fan on.

Regularly clean those wet surfaces!

Drying Your Clothes

We enjoy drying our clothes outside on the line during the warmer months, but when it gets colder out, we don’t feel like drying them out there, especially since the weather can change quickly. Our first thought is to dry them in the house, but this can be a problem. The dampness can cause moisture to build in your home and on your clothes. Try and dry them outside as much as possible or use your tumble dryer. Make sure this is vented to the outside.

Other Tips:

  • Keep temperatures consistent throughout the home
  • Get rid of mold and mildew if you see a build-up
  • Turn down the humidifier
  • Circulate the air

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