Crawl Space Encapsulation Can Help Control Moisture Issues

Crawl Space Water DamageYou may not give much thought to your crawl space from day to day, but neglecting moisture issues in this space can have a serious impact on the air quality in your home. Did you know that roughly 50% of the air in a household can flow up from a crawl space? Fortunately, crawl space encapsulation can help control moisture issues and improve your indoor air quality.

How does it work? Well, imagine the lining you might use in a swimming pool to prevent leaks. Crawl space encapsulation works in a similar way.

A heavy-duty barrier made of polyethylene is added to your crawl space, completely covering the floors, foundation walls and sometimes even the ceiling. Sealing tape connects the barrier pieces throughout the crawl space.

Once this process is complete, the air in the crawl space must be conditioned to maintain acceptable levels of humidity. Most commonly, this is accomplished by adding a dehumidifier to regulate moisture levels.

Together, the barrier and dehumidifier will protect your crawl space from excess moisture and its attendant problems, such as mold, mildew, insects, unpleasant odors and even structural damage, to name just a few.

While it’s possible to encapsulate your crawl space yourself with the right tools, it’s generally best to call a pro to ensure that the space is fully encapsulated and properly sealed.

A thorough home inspection can help uncover moisture problems and other issues that will cost you time and money down the line. If you’re in the Indianapolis area, call Center Grove Real Estate Inspections at (317) 313-5362 to schedule an inspection today.

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