Keep an Eye out for These Signs of Shoddy Drywall Work

Drywall WorkProperly-installed drywall can make your home look picture-perfect, but second-rate drywall work can have quite the opposite effect. If you’re shopping around for a drywall contractor in your area, here are a few signs of shoddy drywall work to look out for.

Visible Joints

When drywall is properly installed, you shouldn’t be able to tell where one piece of drywall ends and the next begins. Instead, they should form one uninterrupted surface without visible joints.

Protruding Nails or Visible Screw Holes

Good drywall should have a smooth, unblemished look. In fact, it should look like a sheet of freshly-poured concrete. If you can see nails or screw holes, the drywall has been poorly installed.

Gaps, Bumps or Creasing

If you can see any of the above, it’s a sign of amateur drywall work. All corners should be precise and even.

Uneven Texture

Again, properly-installed and finished drywall should be smooth and unblemished.

Leftover Dust

Installing drywall creates a lot of dust. Proper drywall installation should include a thorough, detail-oriented cleanup of any leftover dust to ensure an attractive, smooth texture. Dust left over from poor work can spoil the color of your walls, affect your flooring material and even make weatherproofing less effective. Make sure your contractor is very thorough when cleaning.

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