Keep an Eye out for These Telltale Signs of Termite Damage

Keep an Eye out for These Telltale Signs of Termite DamageAre you in the process of buying a new home or commercial property? One of the things you’re going to want to look out for before you commit to it is termites. Termites can wreak havoc on the structure of a home or business, and cause serious problems if left unchecked. Depending on how bad a termite problem gets, repairs can become very costly. Today we’ll look at a few of the most common signs of termite damage.

Damaged Wood

Termites are known for devouring wood, which is why you need to be concerned about the structure of a property if it has a termite problem. The easiest way to spot termite damage is to look in crawlspaces, attics and other places where there are exposed wood beams and supports. If you notice any damage to them, there’s a chance that you could have termites. A home inspector can also knock on wooden surfaces and look and listen for hidden signs of termites.

Mud Tubes

When termites burrow inside of a structure, they often build mud tubes made of soil and wood to get around. These mud tubes will usually connect the nests and food sources located throughout the structure. Subterranean termites use mud tubes more often than other types of termites. If you spot mud tubes anywhere around your home or business, you probably have a termite issue that will need to be dealt with sooner rather than later.

Discarded Wings                               

When termites mature, they swarm and then head off to start new colonies in different areas. In the process, the swarming termites shed their wings and leave them behind. If you find discarded termite wings scattered around your home or business, there is probably a colony nearby. It’s a good idea to have an exterminator take a closer look at the structure if you find these discarded wings.

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Afton Jackson

Your description of mud tubes was really helpful to read, so I appreciate you putting it in the article. This is because we’ve been seeing these kinds of things in our garden lately and wondered what kind of insect might have been causing it. Now that we know that termites could potentially be ruining our house, I’ll look for a termite removal expert in the area that can help us exterminate any they find.


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