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Inspecting Your Gutters: Why It’s So Important

Gutter Inspections Rain gutters are so important that many communities now require them to be installed on all new homes. Having gutters is an important step in protecting your home from water damage, but gutters also need to be inspected periodically to be sure they are still in good condition. Gutters need to be cleaned regularly to remove leaves, asphalt shingle granules, pine needles or small twigs, and any other debris that may have collected. However, you should also use this period cleaning as a chance to inspect your gutters and look for signs of wear or damage. Here are a few reasons why inspecting your gutters is so important.

Rain gutters that are not properly installed or that are damaged may contribute to poor drainage. Water that is not adequately drained away from the home may result in soil stabilization problems, damage to the foundation, basement flooding and erosion. Plus, if gutters are clogged too severely, they can hold water, leading the excess weight that can break gutters or even cause them to separate from the home.

Gutters that are damaged or were improperly installed may actually damage the house, as well. Gutters with poor installation can sometimes leak along the connections to the home, leading to damage to the siding, windows and doors.

Water damming can occur when gutters need to be cleaned or are not properly sloped. This buildup of water can cause damage to the eaves or even leak into the home. Water collecting in gutters also creates a breeding ground for mosquitoes which can be a serious summer problem.

Moisture that collects in defective gutters can also form ice dams during winter months. As water collects in the gutters and freezes, it can cause considerable damage to the gutters, eaves and even the shingles on the roof.

Rain gutters that are collecting water and ice may also strain and damage the roof. Gutters are designed to be light, but with water weighing more than 8 pounds per each gallon, it does not take much water damming to begin putting a serious strain on eaves and roof.

Center Grove Real Estate Inspections can inspect your entire home, including the rain gutters. Identifying potential problems like malfunctioning rain gutters early can save you money by avoiding costly repairs later. Contact us by calling 317-313-5362 and schedule your home inspection today.