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Persistent Allergy Symptoms Can be Signs of Household Mold

During the spring, it’s not uncommon for people to exhibit seasonal allergy symptoms caused by pollen exposure from blooming flowers. If you find these allergy symptoms persist all year round, however, they could be caused by the presence of mold in your home. This is especially likely if you find that your allergy symptoms get… Read more »

A Home Inspection Spring Refresher – chapter 18

Spring is finally here, which means one thing – spring cleaning. But spring cleaning is more than just dusting and sweeping; it should require a thorough inspection of your house, inside and out. You’ll need a home inspector. We’ve talked a lot about what good home inspectors cover during a thorough inspection of your new… Read more »

The connection between mold and depression – chapter 7

In the previous two chapters, we have discussed the horrifying effects of mold exposure. Whether the mold is airborne or not, it has unhealthy repercussions for homeowners and tenants, both physically and psychologically. It has even affected police officers!   Do you or someone you know suffer from depression? The medical dictionary defines depression as… Read more »

Mold exposure and the inspector – chapter 5

In previous chapters, we have discussed the inspector as a superhero and the technology he or she uses to inspect a building. While we have briefly touched upon water intrusion, we have not gone too in-depth. In many ways, water intrusion is a sick bomb just waiting to explode. First, what is water intrusion? Well,… Read more »