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Be Present During Your Home Inspection

Be Present During Your Home Inspection

As a homeowner, it’s very important to be present during a home inspection for many reasons. A home inspection is crucial for your home’s life. Electrical and mechanical equipment can have problems along the road, which need to be fixed in order for you to live comfortably and safe in your house. Paying attention to detail when a home inspector conducts an inspection is extremely important because you’ll learn the ins and outs of your home’s equipment. 

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Asking Questions

A trustworthy home inspector will provide a thorough inspection of your home, which is why you need to be selective when picking out your home inspector. Asking questions and being present during the inspection allows you to learn and make sure that you’re getting the right answers. With a new home, the buyer should always be there because of major issues that can arise. A home inspector can point out major problems with a home that you’re purchasing. 

What will Center Grove Real Estate Inspections Do?

  • Grounds Inspection – We check the condition of the building site, general landscape, and other structural conditions. 
  • Exterior and Roof Home/Building Inspection – We will determine any maintenance or damages that need to be fixed regarding your roof. 
  • Heating and Air Conditioning – We inspect heating and air conditioning units and ensure proper system installation. 
  • Home and Building Plumbing – Well or municipal systems will be inspected during your plumbing checkup during a home inspection. 
  • Electrical
  • Bathroom 
  • General Interior
  • Kitchen and Appliances

Center Grove Real Estate Inspections

At Center Grove Real Estate Inspectionswe encourage our customers to be present while conducting a home inspection. It helps us to communicate our analysis and problems that we’ve found, so that you can take the proper steps to fix them. 

Contact us at 317-313-5362 today to learn more about our home inspection services. 

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