Radon – A Silent, Odorless and Deadly Problem

The Environmental Protection Agency has recognized January as National Radon Protection Month in an effort to build awareness for the dangerous effects undetected radon can have in homes. While we’ve now moved into February, radon is a serious issue for homeowners and residents all year long.

Radon Winter tends to be the best time to test for radon as people spend more time inside and windows and doors tend to be closed, trapping this odorless, invisible gas. While the official awareness month has passed there is still time to get your home tested from the professionals at Center Grove Real Estate Inspections.

Radon is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas that can lead to respiratory problems such as persistent cough, hoarseness, breathing difficulties and – in the worst cases – can lead to lung cancer. In fact, radon is the second leading cause of fatal lung cancer behind smoking, affecting more than 20,000 Americans each year, according to the National Cancer Institute.

According to the EPA, the mid-Atlantic region got a reminder of how important proper radon testing can be just two years ago. A home outside of Philadelphia recorded the highest radon level ever in the state, according to Philly.com – levels that were nearly 1,000 times higher than the EPA-recommended maximum amount.

While that is an extreme example it does show that the problem can happen – and it can happen nearly anywhere. A number of homes are built with materials that emit radon gas – occasionally including natural stone materials – or atop naturally occurring radon-emitting soil, allowing the gas to seep into the home through the foundation. While more modern homes are often built with safer materials or with included radon abatement systems, most existing homes can still be susceptible to higher-than-acceptable radon levels.

New homebuyers should consult the experts at Center Grove Real Estate Inspections to test the home for radon before purchasing. A proper inspection can test the radon levels in a prospective home as part of a comprehensive assessment of the property as a whole, letting you know of any potentially hazardous factors that could lead to problems further down the road.

Whether you’re testing before you buy or inspecting your existing home for the first time, the best way to make sure your home is safe from radon is with a home inspection. High radon levels can cause long-term health problems, but can simply be avoided with the right level of precaution. There is no need to put yourself or your family at risk – call the team at Center Grove Real Estate Inspections at 317-313-5362 and schedule an inspection appointment today.

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