Thermal Imaging: Finding Hidden Problems

pyramids of GizaWhen you have a broken bone, your doctor X-rays it to make sure that he sets the cast just so, ensuring that you’ll heal properly. He needs to use the technology to see beneath your skin. Well, scientists have been applying a similar kind of examination of one of the ancient world’s most famous mysteries: the pyramids of Giza – except instead of an X-ray, they’re using thermal imaging.

An initiative known as the Scan Pyramids Mission is using thermal and infrared thermography and other high-tech imaging techniques to identify points of interest within the pyramids, and potentially reveal heat anomalies in the stone or previously unexplored passages. Supporters of the initiative have not been disappointed – anomalies in the stones’ temperature have led some scientists to hypothesize that maybe there are cavities or internal structures that have not yet been discovered.

Cool, right? If a simple infrared technology can see into the pyramids, why not apply the same logic to a home you’re about to buy? Center Grove Real Estate Inspections offers the most thorough type of inspections by using infrared thermographic imaging of your potential home. This advanced inspection system is non-invasive, non-destructive and thorough, and results in an ability to find often invisible defects.

Our infrared imaging works by using thermal scans of the property to pinpoint structural, electrical and heating problems. The infrared imaging technology maps the passage of heat through the structure, and can identify damages such as faulty or overloaded circuits, areas of heat loss, moisture intrusion, mold, cracks in the structure, malfunctioning heating or airflow systems, and even pest infestations.

Sometimes there are no obvious signs of damage, and there could be hidden dangers lurking beneath the surfaces of a home – behind walls or below floors, just out of sight. Before you invest in a home, have it thoroughly inspected with the help of this incredible technology so that you know exactly what you’re buying.

To schedule an inspection with infrared imaging at your prospective property, call us today at 317-313-5362.

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