Don’t be Afraid to Ask these Very Important Home Inspection Questions

Home Inspection Home inspections are valuable for any homebuyer, but before you put down a huge amount to get your dream home, think about some important questions to ask the inspector. While you may feel comfortable looking at a home yourself, inspectors look for and see different things that could end up hurting you in the long run.

So how bad is it, really? Home inspectors see homes in all sorts of conditions, so nothing is likely to surprise them. As a real estate buyer, you’ll want to make sure though that you understand everything they are saying, though. Take time to ask how important different things they find are and what kind of follow up work may need to be done now or five years down the road.

Who should I have fix this? This is a great question to ask. If you are an adventurous do-it-yourself homeowner, maybe things an inspector finds can be done yourself. Of course, bigger things will require a professional, but getting some insight into what kind of professional would be best, identifying your full to-do list and the types of work that are needed to get the property repaired will be a big help. Also, if you are buying, you can ask the seller to have this work completed before you finalize your purchase, but you may want to bring in your own expert to make sure they were done right.

If this was your house, what would you fix first? This is a great question. As we said, home inspectors have seen everything and know what is most important and what can be done at a later date and time. By knowing the top priority items, homebuyers know what needs to be immediately tackled to avoid bigger problems down the road. Home inspectors are meant to help buyers and even sellers make sure that their home or prospective property is in the best shape, so if you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask them.

Buying a home can be complicated, so make sure you have the right people on your side, like the team at Center Grove Real Estate Inspections. Led by Jim Schwarz, we have helped hundreds of clients get a complete look at their property and help them make informed decisions about needed repairs and even whether or not a property would be a good investment for them. Let us help you. Give us a call at 317-313-5362 to learn more or to schedule an inspection today.

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