Are Your Old Windows Starting to Fog? Here’s Why

Window FogHave you noticed that the some of the windows in your home are fogging up for no discernible reason? You may have tried to wipe down the interior and exterior of the windows, only to find that your efforts have little or no effect. This persistent fog can make it difficult to see out of your windows, and have a negative effect on their aesthetic appeal.

More often than not, this type of fog occurs when the seal in double-pane windows breaks.

The sealed gap between window panes is designed to offer added insulation, but over time, fluctuations in the ambient temperature can make the air between the panes expand and contract in a process called thermal pumping. Eventually, this process may cause the seal to fail and allow air and moisture to slip in between the window panes. This can make it next to impossible to eliminate window fog, especially on humid days.

There’s no surefire way to prevent this seal from failing, but you can reduce the chances of failure by investing in high-quality windows and having them installed by a professional. You can also inspect your windows periodically for potential problems before the seals fail altogether. Sooner or later, however, you may simply have to replace your old windows to get rid of the fog once and for all.

Our infrared thermal imaging inspections can also identify broken window seals to determine whether or not they are the root cause of the fogging issue. To learn more about these or any of the other inspection services we offer, feel free to give us a call or contact us online today!

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