Like Spiderman scaling the sides of tall buildings: inspectors and water intrusion – chapter 4

You and a friend are walking down a busy city street.  It’s a hot bustling afternoon.  Cars are whizzing by you.  Men in suits are yelling into smartphones.  You imagine they’re yelling at other men in suits.  The scene quickly bores you, but something catches your eye.   “Hey!  Look at that,” you say to… Read more »

James Bond the Inspector: using thermal imaging cameras as a security measure – chapter 3

Now imagine the scene: a terrorist spy is sneaking through a nuclear facility in the dark.  He clutches a flash drive of classified information in his hand.  He might make it out, were it not for thermal imaging cameras and the inspector in the security room.  Like some espionage hero, the inspector appears before the… Read more »

Monitoring the health of warehouses and workers: inspectors and thermal imaging – chapter 2

In the last chapter, we discussed how inspectors are similar to superheroes, utilizing thermal imaging technology to detect moisture intrusion and other problems that go unnoticed.   The powers of thermal technology do not stop there; they extend into the industrial and manufacturing spheres as well.   Factory supervisors and company heads also use thermal… Read more »

Superman-ing through properties: inspectors are superheroes – chapter 1

In Kingdom Come, Superman says, “In this world, there is right and there is wrong…and that distinction is not difficult to make.  The powers we have…the things we do…they’re meant to inspire ordinary citizens…not intimidate them…not terrify them.” It is easy to distinguish right from wrong.  It is not necessarily a grey area.  Why a… Read more »

Thermal imaging and the evolution of the inspection industry – the prologue

We have moved on from eyes.  Humans evolve, and so do inspectors and the inspection industry as a whole.  Center Grove Real Estate Inspections is on the cutting edge.   Over the past few years, inspectors have utilized newer forms of technology to address commercial and residential building issues.  One such technology is thermal imaging. … Read more »