Superman-ing through properties: inspectors are superheroes – chapter 1

In Kingdom Come, Superman says, “In this world, there is right and there is wrong…and that distinction is not difficult to make.  The powers we have…the things we do…they’re meant to inspire ordinary citizens…not intimidate them…not terrify them.” It is easy to distinguish right from wrong.  It is not necessarily a grey area.  Why a Superman quote though?


Well, home and building inspectors are a lot like superheroes – Superman, Spiderman, etc. – and the industry as a whole is kind of like a comic book.  You could say that inspectors have superpowers.  Inspectors using thermal imaging technology are highly trained, qualified technicians in their field.  Their advanced technology allows them to determine anomalies that would, otherwise, go undetected to the naked eye.


In some ways, the above quote can be the following: “In this world, there are good properties and bad properties…and that is not difficult to see.  The powers we have…the things we do…they’re meant to fix properties…not destroy them.” No property is beyond repair and inspectors help people notice certain problems and provide suggestions as to how to fix them.  In their valiant attempts to fight the debilitating effects of time, inspectors utilize many high-end technologies to better assess a building’s state of health.


A home’s biggest enemy is water intrusion.  To battle water intrusion, inspectors use thermal-imaging technology, including cameras.  Water intrusion can threaten the property’s life and harm the lives of the people inside.  A thermal imager can detect patterns caused by water and, like a roadmap, can also locate the source of moisture.  Moisture can arise due to a number of cases, but it is often the cause of age, poor construction, and a lack of insulation.


Thermal imaging determines an area of concern by shooting energy at an object, such as a wall.  It then measures the reflection.  This way, inspectors are able to gauge areas by their temperature and able to answer questions like, “Why does part of the wall seem colder than another?” It may be due to moisture intrusion.  Water, after all, is good at hiding.  Up to 60% of the human body is water.  Should a building be any different?

Superman-ing through properties: inspectors are superheroes – chapter 1


Armed with such technology, inspectors can also detect structural problems, problematic insulation, electrical hot spots, heat loss, and much more.  Every inspector should utilize thermal imaging.  If not, it is like a surgeon not using anesthesia or surgical tools.  When a building is in danger, cry out for your friendly neighborhood inspector, like those superheroes at Center Grove Real Estate Inspections!


Stay tuned for Chapter 2, as we will detail how we use thermal imaging in terms of manufacturers and factories!


*Image courtesy of George Hodan

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