Why Getting a Home Inspected Before a Sale is Important

Across the country, homeowners are increasingly seeking the services of professional home inspection specialists who can help ensure the value of a property before agreeing to a purchase or selling price. Center Grove Real Estate Inspections works hard to make sure that those involved in the Indianapolis real estate market get the fair price they… Read more »

Eight Points to Check Before Hiring an Inspector

We’ve written before about how to choose a home inspector. However, USnews.com has just come out with a very articulate article that we needed to share. They’ve got eight points that should absolutely be checked before hiring an inspector. First, ask if the inspectors do repairs or just the inspection. More often than not, general… Read more »

Four Initial Points for Any Home Inspector – chapter 20

A home inspector has four initial points that need to be checked in any home that’s being sold: structural, mechanical, environmental and safety. It’s often recommended that a potential buyer accompany the home inspector during inspection for two reasons. First, this allows the buyer a chance to look at how systems of the home operate…. Read more »

April is Home Inspection Month – chapter 19

Happy Home Inspection Month! April is the perfect time to evaluate any potential damages that may have cropped over the winter. And what a winter it was. We’ve put together some hot spots in your home that you may want to check. Start at the top. Your roof should be inspected from the inside out…. Read more »

A Home Inspection Spring Refresher – chapter 18

Spring is finally here, which means one thing – spring cleaning. But spring cleaning is more than just dusting and sweeping; it should require a thorough inspection of your house, inside and out. You’ll need a home inspector. We’ve talked a lot about what good home inspectors cover during a thorough inspection of your new… Read more »

The Home Inspector and Solar Panel Technology – chapter 17

It’s the middle of March, and most of the nation is just now coming out of a two-month frosty winter of bitter cold. Here in Indianapolis, our region has seen some of the lowest temperatures its seen in years. Our specialists here at Center Grove Real Estate Inspections understands just how damaging this kind of… Read more »