Reviving intregrity: how to find a quality home inspector – chapter 16

Unfortunately, many people are questioning the integrity of the inspection industry. Who can blame them, really? As evidenced by recent blog posts, there are countless news stories about unsuspecting homebuyers being “tricked” by shady inspectors into buying homes that don’t pass inspection. It seems like public opinion of the inspection industry may be at an… Read more »

Integrity: tricked into buying a home – chapter 15

When will the disingenuous madness stop? The real estate and inspection industry in British Columbia has taken yet another hit, and the integrity of inspectors everywhere is being called into question.   A couple is claiming that they were tricked into buying an unlivable house in Kelowna. Everything that could go wrong with the house… Read more »

Integrity: Minnesota Resident Raises Concerns Over Poor Inspection Job – chapter 14

We have discussed a lot in this blog, ranging from inspection technology to the problems that can arise in a home. However, one thing that keeps popping up in recent news articles is the integrity of inspectors and, in particular, their lack of “real” training. In Minnesota, for example, a homeowner is waging a war… Read more »

A home inspector is your best friend – chapter 13

One generation passes the torch to the next. That is the way of the world. Millennials, young adults in their twenties and thirties, are eagerly waiting for the torch. They are ready to buy houses, make their mark on the social landscape.   One of most daunting things a young adult can do is purchase… Read more »

New homes are not perfect – chapter 12

We have discussed many problems that may affect homes, ranging from mold to sinkholes. Many associate these problems with older homes and while that is true, that does not mean new homes get off scot-free. A new home is not perfect and needs an inspection too.   In the article, “New homes need inspections too… Read more »

Integrity: B.C. home inspector licensing program a failure – chapter 11

In the last post we talked about integrity, how important it is in the inspection industry. Each inspector must ooze integrity, for it builds trust. Unfortunately, there are those who do not. On the other side of the continent, and in another country, the inspection industry is losing trust. Although a world away, the situation… Read more »