New homes are not perfect – chapter 12

We have discussed many problems that may affect homes, ranging from mold to sinkholes. Many associate these problems with older homes and while that is true, that does not mean new homes get off scot-free. A new home is not perfect and needs an inspection too.


In the article, “New homes need inspections too – especially now,” The Californian reports, “You could be asking for trouble if you plan to buy a new home from the current supply on the assembly line and don’t also make a new home inspection mandatory.”


Many homeowners are brimming with overconfidence when it comes to brand-new homes. In their eyes, there should be nothing wrong with a new home. Father Time has yet to ravage them. Although not ravaged by time, new homes are susceptible to other problems.


There are labor shortages when it comes to new home building. This has been the case for a number of years. The economy has been far from stellar. Even in good economic times, labor shortages will always result in more building defects. In a poor economy, the shortages and therefore defects are exasperated. A survey, courtesy of the National Association of Home Builders, shows that there are widespread shortages in all aspects of the industry.


old fashioned assembly lineOver the past couple of years, housing crises across the country have resulted in fewer workers and lousy workmanship. However, no matter the state of the economy, builders work at an assembly line pace when it comes to new houses. At such a pace, things will naturally fall through the cracks and problems will arise – framing, structural, plumbing and electrical.


Although the article focuses on California primarily, we can apply it to any area in the country where there are new houses. Terri Brown, chair of the board at the California Real Estate Inspection Association sums it up best: “We do find serious problems in new homes.”


If you are considering buying a new home or have already done so, consider bring in an inspector and if you are in the Indianapolis area, look no further than Center Grove Inspections! Remember that new does not necessarily mean perfect.


For The Californian article, you can find it here.


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