James Bond the Inspector: using thermal imaging cameras as a security measure – chapter 3

Now imagine the scene: a terrorist spy is sneaking through a nuclear facility in the dark.  He clutches a flash drive of classified information in his hand.  He might make it out, were it not for thermal imaging cameras and the inspector in the security room.  Like some espionage hero, the inspector appears before the terrorist…

Center Grove Real Estate Inspections - James Bond the inspector


There are many prevailing stereotypes about security guards.  There is the big man in a black security t-shirt with no de-escalation skills whatsoever – just a brute.  There are the gung-ho security guards in the business for all the wrong reasons – the people who chase harmless kids in malls.  Many people say that security guards are wannabe police officers.  Regardless of what stereotype, security guards nationwide must deal with shoddy reputations.  Many security guards, however, are tech savvy.  Inspectors, you might say, are security guards insofar as they help businesses and buildings with enhanced security.  You might be asking yourself, what does he mean?


Well, in previous chapters, I have discussed thermal imaging technology and FLIR.  Many inspectors are experts in the field and companies often bring them in for consultation.


Thermal imaging cameras provide enhanced security for a variety of businesses and buildings –including warehouses, airports, and nuclear facilities.  Good and efficient security has many layers.  Think of it like an impenetrable onion.  Thermal imaging cameras add yet another layer of security and inspectors are right there in the thick of it.


FLIR is an industry leader in thermal security cameras.  Numerous businesses use their cameras and sensors software.  The software, combined with thermal security cameras, creates a fence around a perimeter.  FLIR refers to this as the “thermal fence.” Just hearing that term forces us to imagine scarlet prison bars closing down on a building!  In FLIR’s words, “You can create a fully integrated perimeter security solution that provides accurate intrusion detection and instant visual alarm assessment capability while minimizing false alarms.” Below is a video, courtesy of FLIR, that explains the thermal fence in a bit more detail.



You see, efficient inspectors are qualified to do much more than simply inspecting the average home.  While they check homes for moisture intrusion, cold spots, etc. and help factories and warehouses by inspecting the machinery, they are also well versed in security measures.  An energy-efficient home and facility is also a secure one.


Next time you hear a story about someone caught in the act of stealing something from a facility, know that an inspector might be behind it!  As always, Center Grove Inspections is here to help you with any of your thermal needs.


*Image courtesy of Junior Libby

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