Septic Inspections Are Extremely Important for Your Home

Septic systems are underground wastewater treatment systems used in residential areas without any centralized sewer systems. Many homes without a sewer system have to have a septic system in order to get rid of waste from your home. A septic system inspection is also recommended to have done to make sure it is in working order you don’t have any problems.

Septic Tank inspectionsHow It Works

The septic tank will digest the organic matter and separates the matter that will flow. All water runs out of your home from the main drainage pipe into the tank. It will then hold the wastewater long enough for the solids to breakdown into sludge at the bottom.

Problems That Can Arise

Your septic system can have problems over time from working very hard. If certain toxic chemicals get into the septic system, it can cause the system to not work as well. Sewage backup can occur along with bad smells and slower drains. If these things happen, it might be time for a septic tank inspection.

Your septic tank could also be full, which would essentially cause other problems. There are also external factors such as roots from trees that can sneak into the system. Roots may grow through the walls of the tank, which can cause leaking.

Reminder: These Things Won’t Break Down

Waste and toilet paper are the only things that should be flushed down the toilet in order for your septic system to be working the properly. Chemicals and non-biodegradable items will not breakdown in the tank. These can ruin the vegetation around the area of the tank.

Septic System Inspection

A septic system inspection should be done at least once very three years. It will reveal when the system needs to be pumped and point to leaks and backups in the system. If you don’t have regular checkups and inspections, it can cause problems with health and well-being including drinking water.

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