Police officers exposed to harmful mold – chapter 6

There is an enemy lurking in the wet shadows, and its gray eyes are staring at you…


While we have already discussed the harmful effects of living in a home with mold for years, the threat of mold is more potent than you may realize. For example, did you know that mold could have a negative impact on your health after just one brief encounter with it? A group of fourteen police officers in Columbus, Ohio found this out the hard way during a recent home investigation. On top of thwarting criminals, it seems that our proud men in blue have another thing to worry about: mold.


During a property search through a suspected marijuana grow house, the police officers encountered harmful mold because of the drug production. None of the officers sought medical attention immediately following the exposure. Because of this, it is still unknown if any of them will suffer from lifelong conditions due to their encounter with the toxins. Mold is nefarious. It, in many ways, is the silent killer. What kind of mold was in the grow house?

strawberry fruit rot Botrytis cinerea


Cannabis is difficult to grow, and susceptible to gray mold, also known as Botrytis Cinerea. It affects many plants and fruits (strawberries, grapes, etc.), and can destroy them in a matter of days.  Not only that, Botrytis Cinerea on grapes is liable to cause winegrower’s lung, a rare and deadly form of pneumonitis. Understandably, possible exposure to the gray mold is cause for concern.


What does this mean for you and your home? While you may not be doing anything in your house as extreme as growing drugs, mold can pop up for unexpected reasons. Black, green and gray mold are the most common forms of mold found in homes. Most of the time, you will not even know the mold is there until it is too late. Do not put your health on the line by ignoring the possibility of mold in your home; allow a qualified inspector to give you peace of mind by investigating the problem for you.


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Strike at the moldy enemy before it strikes you…


In the next chapter, I will discuss the different types of mold.


Source: http://www.ledger-enquirer.com/2013/03/05/2407852/fourteen-columbus-police-officers.html

*Image courtesy of Rasbak

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