Integrity: home inspectors may be required to undergo background checks – chapter 10

integrity and home inspectorsThe dictionary defines integrity as “adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.” Integrity  is the foundation of any industry. Inspectors should always demonstrate moral and ethical principles. After all, people’s lives are at risk. How will someone ever listen to an inspector about water intrusion, mold or sinkholes if they do not trust him or her? Without integrity, you will lose the trust of the people. A few bad apples will ruin the trade for everyone. New Jersey is in the process of putting legislation through that will encourage integrity in the inspection industry. Encouraging integrity is never a bad thing!


A new bill that would require home inspectors in New Jersey to undergo background checks is advancing through the local government. The bill was created in response to a home inspector who was caught stealing prescription medication from two houses he was inspecting. Upon discovery, the inspection company fired the man and criminal charges were pressed against him.


While the man had no criminal record, this law would prevent people who have committed certain crimes from becoming home inspectors. It is unfortunate that the home inspection community now has to worry about this problem. From checking for mold to radon testing, home inspectors already have a lot to think about when they prepare for a job. The last thing they need is to start having to worry about the integrity of their fellow inspectors.


Although the bill has not yet passed, it is on track for becoming a law in the state of New Jersey. Depending on whether or not it is successful, it may become a model for similar bills in other states. Regardless of whether this law passes or not, if you need a home inspector who you can trust, look no further than the team of dedicated professionals at Center Grove Inspections!



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