How Long Can You Expect a Roof to Last?

You depend on your roof all year round to keep you dry from rain, warm during cooler weather, and safe from whatever else Mother Nature might throw your way. Fortunately, for our safety and peace of mind, roofs are made to last a long time – though some last longer than others. How long should your roof last? We’ll give you an idea!

Roofs can be made out of all different kinds of materials, and often the determination on what is best is based on your location and the kind of climate your area sees each season. We’re here to give you an idea of how long certain kinds of roofs should last and what makes them start to wear and tear sooner than they should.

According to SFGate, different materials have different expected lifespans as follows:

Shingled RoofAsphalt & Fiberglass Shingles

Asphalt shingles should last for approximately 20-40 years, while fiberglass shingles should last an upwards of 50 years.

Wood Shingles & Shakes

Wood shingles and shake-type roofing typically lasts for 30 years.

Copper & Steel

Copper is an investment worth making as it can last an upwards of 100 years! It also gives your home a unique look. Steel roofs are also long-lasting, and should survive for 50 years or more.

Stone Tiles

Clay tile can last approximately 40-60 years, while slate and concrete can last anywhere from 50-100 years.

Flat Roofs

The lifespan of flat roofs depends on the material it’s covered with. Asphalt lasts for roughly 10 years, while rubber-coated roofs have a lifespan closer to 40-50 years. Thermoplastic olefin membrane – the third most common option – has a similar longevity, and should last four to five decades.

Now that you know how long your current or future roofing system should approximately last, there are outside factors that can cause your trusted roof to live a shorter life. In harsh conditions, such as heavy rainfall, strong winds, damaging UV rays and rising temperatures, to name a few, your roof can take a beating, leading to a faster wear rate. Maintenance is also vital to keeping your roof in good condition. Without the proper maintenance, algae, mold and moss can start to take over, severely diminishing the appearance and durability of your roof. Do we even need to mention what kind of shape your roof will be left in if it’s never repaired?

We see a range of weather conditions here in Indiana – from heavy rains in the spring, to wind and hail in the summer, to cold and blustery falls and winters. That means that even though your roof should be fine in “ideal” conditions, it may be showing signs of wear faster than expected. By having your roof inspected as part of a comprehensive home inspection, you can get the insight of a professional who can identify potential problems or failures early on, allowing you to make the needed repairs and maintenance to ensure that you don’t have to deal with leaks or failures when you need your roof the most.

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