Downtown Indianapolis Improving

8605611_SIndianapolis has always been a center for continued growth, especially around the downtown area. But in the next three years we are seeing a number of projects that could change it for an even better way. The plan was proposed over the past few months, and only recently outlined to a promotional group that holds annual meetings about the state of Downtown last week to see what kind of excitement could be drummed up.

The projects include nearly one billion dollars being invested into the construction of an apartment tower that will be twenty-eight stories tall and an entire transit hub that will be solar powered and provide solar power as a means of plugging in devices while you wait. There are also a number of projects to add somewhere around 3,000 new apartments across downtown over the course of the next three years.

All of the downtown projects that are meant to be completed in the next few years create wonderful opportunities to get into downtown real estate well before they entirely go on the market. As soon as any of these apartment buildings start to be built you’ll have the opportunity to look into them and know what you are getting into. Of course with this kind of shopping for apartments that haven’t been fully constructed there can be risks, but not quite as many as old apartments offer.

Either way this will create a number of real estate options for people, and create a more lively transit hub for traveling to different parts of Indianapolis in the future. Hopefully more projects are coming with these to show just how much Indianapolis can advance in only a few years.


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