Home / Building Inspections in Mooresville IN

Before you close on a new home or business, it’s extremely important for you to take the time to have an inspection done. Center Grove Real Estate Inspections LLC can provide you with the inspection you need and uncover any potential problems within a property that could cost you valuable time and money later. By conducting a real estate inspection at a property you’re looking to purchase in Mooresville, Indiana, you can avoid encountering any headaches when you move in, and give yourself the peace of mind that comes along with getting a clean bill of health on a property.Home Inspections in Mooresville IN

Commercial Real Estate Inspections in Mooresville

Center Grove Real Estate Inspections LLC has proudly served those living in and around the Mooresville, Indiana region for years now. The company’s expert staff has decade of experience when it comes to providing thorough and detailed real estate inspections, and they know exactly what to look for when they are walking through a home. Whether you want to find out if you should purchase a piece of property or you are planning on tackling a major renovation on a home or business, Center Grove Real Estate Inspections LLC can point out any flaws in the structure of a property and let you know if it’s safe. Center Grove Real Estate Inspections LLC inspects homes and businesses from top to bottom to uncover anything that could be of concern.

Infrared Thermal Imaging Used During Inspection

Center Grove Real Estate Inspections LLC uses nondestructive and noninvasive infrared thermal imaging technology during real estate inspections in Mooresville, Indiana to explore issues that may be hidden behind walls, beneath floors or above ceilings. These issues may not be obvious to the naked eye, but they could be big red flags for anyone looking to buy a residential or commercial property. Center Grove Real Estate Inspections LLC will also keep a close eye out for signs of mold, radon gas and various pests that could drag the value of a property down or lead to future issues.

Certified Real Estate Inspector in Mooresville, IN

Center Grove Real Estate Inspections LLC is an Accredited Business listed with the Indianapolis Better Business Bureau and certified with the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority. Countless clients have turned to the company in the past for all of their real estate inspection needs in Mooresville, Indiana, and you will see why when you schedule inspection services with Center Grove Real Estate Inspections LLC.

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