Residential & Commercial Inspection Services Mooresville IN

If you’re in the process of buying a home in Mooresville, Indiana, it’s important for you to obtain the services of a trained and trusted home inspector from Center Grove Real Estate Inspections LLC who can perform a thorough home inspection for you.

Residential Inspection Services in Mooresville IN

Indiana Certified Home Inspector

A professional home inspection is one of the most important tasks to complete before purchasing a new home. A home inspection company like Center Grove Real Estate Inspections LLC can save you time and money by pointing out potential problems that may exist within a home that you may have missed during your walkthrough of the property. This allows you to address these issues with the seller before closing on your purchase so that you won’t have to deal with them to yourself. You can also opt not to buy a house that might have too many issues for you or the seller to tackle prior to closing.

Home Testing Included in Your Inspection

When you call on Center Grove Real Estate Inspections LLC, a home inspector can carry out a range of tests on your Mooresville, Indiana home during the inspection. The inspector will check for signs of mold and radon gas in the home and take a look to see if there are signs of any wood-destroying insects or lead paint and asbestos. The inspector can also inspect well and septic systems and use infrared thermal imaging technology to scope out potential issues hiding behind walls and in ceilings.

Why Choose Center Grove Real Estate Inspections As Your Inspector?

Center Grove Real Estate Inspections LLC is certified with the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority and carries out all home inspections based on a set of written standards that is used by home inspectors nationwide. The company also reviews these standards as well as industry trends, advances and new practices and technologies on a regular basis to ensure that homebuyers receive the latest tests based on inspection practices used all across the country.

Outside of helping those who live in and around the Mooresville area with their inspection needs, a home inspector from Center Grove Real Estate Inspections LLC can also assist out-of-town investors looking to purchase property in the area. The company’s experienced inspectors can provide accurate condition reporting and cost-of-repair estimates that can help investors decide if a property is a good investment.

Schedule a Home Inspection in Mooresville, IN Today!

When you contact Center Grove Real Estate Inspections LLC initially, Jim, your home inspector, will get back to you within three days to schedule a home inspection at your current or prospective property in Mooresville. The inspector will also send you your detailed home inspection report by email within 24 hours of your inspection so that you don’t have to wait around to make a decision on a home. By working quickly for you, Center Grove Real Estate Inspections LLC allows you to have the peace of mind that should come along with moving forward with a real estate transaction.

Inspections in Mooresville IN

Before you close on a home, let Center Grove Real Estate Inspections LLC inspect it for you. Call 317-313-5362 today to set up a home inspection with a qualified home inspector in Mooresville, Indiana who will make sure your new home is ready for you.