Foundation & House Inspections in Indianapolis IN

Foundation & House Inspections in Indianapolis INAre you currently gearing up to buy a home in Indianapolis, Indiana? If so, one of the most important things you should do is have a home inspector inspect the home to make sure that it’s safe and structurally sound. A thorough inspection from Center Grove Real Estate Inspections LLC can save you time and money in the future by revealing problems that you can then ask a seller to address before you move in. This will help you avoid being surprised by costly repairs after you’ve closed and taken possession of the property.

Certified Home Inspector Indianapolis, IN

When you call on Center Grove Real Estate Inspections LLC for help with your home inspection in Indianapolis, Jim Schwartz, one of the few certified home inspectors in Indianapolis, will conduct a full review of your new or prospective home. The inspector will do a basic visual inspection of the home to make sure everything appears to be in good working order. They will also use the tools at their disposal check for everything from the presence of lead paint and termites to mold and radon gas, just to make sure you don’t have any serious issues that will need to be dealt with prior to your move-in date. Center Grove Real Estate Inspections LLC can also carry out well and septic inspections, if necessary, and use infrared thermal imaging to get a glimpse of what’s going on behind the walls of a home.

Jim is certified by the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority, and all of the 5000+ home inspections have been done following a strict list of written standards that are used by home inspectors nationwide. In addition to helping out homebuyers, an Indianapolis area home inspector can also assist out-of-town investors interested in purchasing property in Indianapolis. The inspector can provide accurate condition reporting as well as cost-of-repair estimates to help outside investors get a clearer picture of the residential property that they are considering.

Home Inspection Process and Report

When you call on Center Grove Real Estate Inspections LLC for help, an inspector will respond to your call to set up an appointment that works best for you. The inspector will also return a full report based on an inspection by email within 24 hours of an inspection taking place. The report will be detailed and will include photos and suggestions on how to improve a property. This will guide you as you continue to negotiate with a home seller in the weeks leading up to a closing.

House Inspection Tips in Indianapolis IN

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A home inspection will give you the peace of mind to move forward with the purchase of a property you love. To schedule an inspection with an Indianapolis home inspector, call Center Grove Real Estate Inspections LLC at 317-313-5362 today.