What is Inspected During A Home Inspection?

(Reference for this publication comes from the “Uniform Building Inspection Report”)

If you know exactly what type of inspection you need more information on from Center Grove Inspections, LLC please use the links below:

Grounds | Exterior & Roof | Heating & Air Conditioning Units | Plumbing | Electrical | Bathroom | General Interior | Kitchen & Appliances | Structure & Foundation

Grounds Inspection Services

This includes noting the condition of the building site including grading the land or concrete, erosion potential, draining, general landscape and more. We also check the condition and maintenance of all types of fencing and gates such as wood, stucco, metal and more. Line voltage components including yard / post lights, GFCI protection for exterior outlets are also included for inspection of their condition and maintenance. Additional details here.

Exterior & Roof Home / Building Inspection

Whether you have an angled or flat roof, Center Grove Inspections, LLC focuses on the areas of importance and provides a thorough inspection. Our inspectors will notate whether or not any general repairs or maintenance is needed. Each roof style will be examined for specific aspects by climbing upon the surface for closer inspection. Skylights are also part of this inspection, as well as rain gutters, siding, doors, windows, patio and even automatic garage doors. More details here.

Inspection of Heating & Air Conditioning Units

Heating and air conditioning units can be dangerous if not installed or maintained properly. At Center Grove Inspections, LLC we review the units to ensure proper system installation, condition of the parts and more. Included in this would be wall or floor furnace components, evaporative coolers, whole house fans, duct work for heating and air components, wiring for units and even gas fired units. Additional details here.

Home & Building Plumbing Inspection

The first step in plumbing inspections is to determine the source of water, whether it be well or municipal. From here, the only portions of the main and supply lines that are visible will be inspected. Water heaters are a very important part of plumbing inspections and are testing with our equipment to assure accuracy and safety. Others included in the plumbing inspection are visible water pipes and fittings, water discoloration, laundry area, bathroom and kitchen fixtures and toilet mechanisms. More details here.

Electrical Inspection for Home & Building

It is very important that prior to making any repairs, you make sure that you use the meter or service panel to turn the electricity off. Our inspectors will review the incoming electrical services, main and sub-panels, visible circuit wiring, lighting, receptacle outlets and switches and system grounding and GFCI devices plus much more. Additional details here.

Bathroom Inspection Services

In bathroom inspections, all components are reviewed by our inspector separately. This includes the tub and shower faucets and enclosures for condition, proper installation and maintenance. The inspection also includes toilets and bidets, sink or wash basins, lighting, ventilation and electrical components, ceiling, walls, floors, trim, caulking, towel bars and even floor covering materials. More details here.

General Interior Inspection Services

This is the type of inspection that is exactly what it sounds like! The inspection of the general interior is extremely important to determine the safety of ceilings and walls where mold can hide, the level of flooring to ensure the floor is even and not sloped, as well as window installation, caulking and maintenance. Exterior and interior doors are also included, as are closets, stairways and other interior components such as fire alarms and carbon monoxide alarms. Additional details here.

Inspection of Kitchen & Appliances

Obvious components of the kitchen are inspected including the oven(s), range top, microwave(s), range hoods, exhaust fans, lighting and dishwasher. Miscellaneous appliances are also inspected if present, such as instant hot water devices to ensure safety. More details here.

Structure & Foundation Inspection Services

Foundation and structure inspections are a critical part of the inspectors job. Visible building framing, slab foundation, raised foundation, sub-area and attic areas, insulation and the inspection of porches, decking, carports, patio covers and stairways will also be included. It is very important that our inspectors review each of these components to gauge the safety of the home’s foundation. If major structural issues are found, our inspector will recommend that you contact a qualified, licensed general contractor. Additional details here.