Home & Building Plumbing Inspection in Indiana

(Reference for this publication comes from the “Uniform Building Inspection Report”)

Plumbing issues can have a major affect on the every day life of homeowners, you can expect the review of your plumbing to be a major component of your home or building inspection in Indiana. Initially, the water source will be determined and notes as either municipal or well and the backflow devices will be inspected for adequacy.

Plumbing Components Reviewed for Home & Building Inspection in Indiana


    • Our inspectors will only be reviewing the visible portions of your main water supply lines into the house. This will include the testing of your water pressure and if low, the water pressure will be investigated. If no visible indications for the low flow are available, our inspectors will recommend that a qualified plumber contractor be contacted.


    • Water heaters are an essential component to the operation of a home or building, therefor it is an important part of our inspection services offered. Our inspector will be reviewing your water heater for operability and proper installation for health and safety. Indiana inspectors from Center Grove will also review the overall condition and maintenance of your water heater and not any issues found. Please be aware that our inspectors do not check water temperature or thermostat accuracy during their inspection. As referenced in the “Uniform Building Inspection Report”, “Anyone, especially small children, can be badly burned by water heated to an extreme temperature. Anti-scald valves and faucets are readily available at any home improvement or plumbing supply. However, the inspector cannot report on these as their operation characteristics may not be dependable. Ensuring that the water heater thermostat is set to a temperature of approximately 120 degrees is advised.”


    • Visible water pipes and fittings are also a component of a home or building inspection. Pipes and fittings will be reviewed for leaks, corrosion and proper use of pipe types. An example of the proper use of pipe types is if a plastic water pipe is exposed as this can be an issue and will be noted.


    • Any water discoloration found will also be noted as the most common reason for discoloration is from an unused faucet or water system, generally in vacant homes or buildings.


    • Proper plumbing and drainage will also be inspected in any laundry areas.


    • Bathroom and kitchen fixtures will be tested to determine condition and maintenance, along with any supply and drainage pipes for leakage.


  • Toilet mechanisms will be operated for condition and maintenance, the floor around the toilet will be inspected (specifically proper fittings, caulking and maintenance) and any leakages found will be noted and reported.Home & Building Plumbing Inspection
  • Due to health risks and licensing requirements, our inspectors will not review any private sewer systems. Our Indiana Inspectors can check these items, but we cannot guarantee accuracy due to the limited inspection performed. Center Grove Real Estate Inspections, LLC. recommends that a qualified Septic Tank Pumping Service check and service your sewage disposal methods. In general, septic systems should be checked, pumped and certified by a plumbing service before a buyer takes possession of any property.
  • Center Grove’s home inspectors in Indiana will indicate whether or not the sewer is hooked to a municipal system, only when a seller or realtor provides that information. It would be impossible for our inspectors to determine the system sewage is transferred to without evacuation, so please check with the sell and/or realtor for more details.
  • Gas lines are also inspected during home and building plumbing inspections in Indiana. A rigorous review by our inspector will be performed due to health and safety considerations with all gas delivery systems.

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